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Board Development

2012 Conference

    Legal Obligations of a Nonprofit Board 

2011 Conference

    Consensus Management and Leadership: Skills for Effective Meetings

    Legal Chutes and Ladders: Common Issues and Effective Remedies
    Nonprofit Evaluation: Telling Your Story and Building Your Organization 
    Strategic Planning for Nonprofits 
2010 Conference

    Nonprofit Governance: The Role of the Indiana Attorney General
    Building a Culture of Accountability: Foundations for Success 


2012 Conference

    Beyond Collaboration: Keys to Collective Impact  

Data Analysis

2012 Conference
    Information Is Beautiful: Using Data Effectively to Tell a Story 
2011 Conference
    Acquiring and Using New Census Data to Understand Service Area, Gaps, and Needs      
    Using Data Effectively to Tell Your Story to Stakeholders & Funders 
2010 Conference
    Enhance Your Strategic Planning: Working with Data
    How Local Organizations Have Used Community Data for Success  


2012 Conference
    It's Never Too Early to Start Giving 
2011 Conference

    Financial Sustainability: What Is the Magic Recipe? 
    Giving USA 2011: Who Gave, How Much, and To Whom in 2010?  (available for purchase)
2010 Conference
    Nonprofit Organization Fundraising in a New Era
    Fundraising: Legal Issues and Pitfalls 
    Going Up! Preparing Your Elevator Speech for Funders

Marketing and Social Media

2012 Conference
    Marketing Strategy: Creating the Best Mix for the Right Results
    Practically Social
2011 Conference
    Don't Just Tell, Compel: Multi-purposing White Papers and Case Studies Effectively 
    Social Media for Marketing & PR: Got a Goal? Get There. 

Program Planning and Evaluation

2012 Conference
    Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Saying Goodbye to Programs  
2011 Conference

    Building Infrastructure for Supporting Stakeholders
    Measure How You Do What You Do 
    Needs Assessments: How to Track Evolving Community and Client Needs 
2010 Conference
    What’s the Score? Results Scorecard™: A Tool for Measuring Success


2012 Conference
    Is Your Nonprofit a Service Enterprise 
    Transforming Leaders into Volunteer Champions 


Session 1

Delights & Dilemmas of Collaboration

Pam Blevins Hinkle(moderator): Director, Spirit & Place Festival

Jan Dougan: Extenstion Educator, Purdue Extension

Lanet Owen, RN, BSN: Faith Community Nurse Coordinator, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

Carol Price: Director, Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition

Susan Tharp: County Extension Director, Purdue University

Donna Vandergraff: Extension Specialist, Purdue Extension

It can be marvelous—more dynamic and effective solutions, expanded talent networks, pooled resources, and other great benefits that underscore the value of collaboration. It can be maddening—more ambiguity, less control, competing agendas, and other perils that make you want to avoid collaboration altogether. Are you prepared for the pitfalls and possibilities inherent in collaboration? You should be. Fueled by technology, economic, cultural, and regulatory trends, collaboration is a trend that’s here to stay. Learn the eight dangers of collaboration, review 20 success factors, and hear success stories from Clinton and Dubois counties.

Information Is Beautiful- Using Data to Effectively Tell a Story

Matthew Ritchey: Epidemiology Advisor, Indiana State Department of Health

Access to data can often be a limiting factor in how well we are able to describe the impact of community-level issues and inform decision making. However, there is often another factor that prevents us from educating and motivating people and communities to make positive changes—ineffective sharing of available data. This session will discuss ways to turn data into actionable information by using various methods, including social math, mapping, infographics, and storytelling. By making data more meaningful, you will better engage your partners and focus and guide your community’s efforts.

Is Your Nonprofit a Service Enterprise?

Kaira Esgate: Executive Director, Reimagining Service

Do you know a nonprofit that engages volunteers in a way that enables the organization to do more with the same financial resources and deliver significant positive results? Such nonprofits are service enterprises. Workshop attendees will review the key elements of the service enterprise model and leave with resources to transform their own nonprofits.

Marketing Strategy: Creating the Best Mix for the Right Results

Cindy Dashnaw: Senior Publicist & Chief Copywriter, Bohlsen Group

Andrew Hayenga: Account Executive, Bohlsen Group

Tools, resources, target markets, objectives and measurements – all these and more play a role in an effective marketing strategy. All parts must be interrelated for the whole to be effective. Do you know why you’re advertising? Are you sure your PR is effective? Is it time to stop doing what you’ve always done in favor of what has a greater chance of getting results? Join Bohlsen Group, a full-service marketing, communications and event services agency in Indianapolis, to discuss how to create and implement a truly strategic marketing approach for your nonprofit.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: Saying Goodbye to Programs

Marie Beason (moderator): Indiana Grantmakers Alliance

Rosemary Dorsa: Director, GIFT Program, Indiana Grantmakers Alliance

Christy Gillespie: Director, Agency Services, United Way of Central Indiana

What are the fully-loaded costs of your programs? Do you seek funding for existing programs or create new programs to fit the latest funding trends? Who makes the final decisions on where to direct your limited resources? This session will offer some practical tips for evaluating your programs, refining your programs, and saying good-bye to unsustainable programs. It will also provide you with tips on how to say no to new program ideas that don’t sufficiently advance your organization’s mission.

Session 2

Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss

Eileen McDaniel: Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Freakalytics

Stephen McDaniel: Director of Analytic Product Management at Tableau Software and Co-Founder, Freakalytics

Do you find yourself in a position where you have to analyze data to be successful although you didn’t plan for a career as a data analyst? If so, then you are an Accidental Analyst! Whether you’ve been working with data for a few years or are just getting started, take control of your data and analysis to find answers to real-world questions and make critical decisions, so you can confidently present results and solutions to your managers, colleagues, clients and the public. Using a real dataset from a nonprofit organization, we’ll walk you through a clear, step-by-step framework that we call The Seven C’s of Data Analysis. You’ll go back to work with a plan of attack for the next time you analyze your data!

Beyond Collaboration: Keys to Collective Impact

John Peirce: Consultant, John Peirce Consulting

Explore how progress can be made on complex issues though broad cross-sector coordination. Learn about the process of moving away from isolated intervention and toward aligned action. The guiding principles of collective impact, the key conditions necessary for success and the leadership roles required for progress will all be discussed utilizing northeast Indiana’s Talent Initiative as a best practice. The Talent Initiative is a 10-county initiative based upon Cincinnati’s Strive Initiative – a nationally-recognized education initiative that serves as the “gold standard” of collective impact.

Effective Volunteer Management During Disasters

Angie Huebel: Executive Director, Volunteer Action Center United Way of Bartholomew County

This session will deliver first-hand experience in volunteer management during disasters. Angie Huebel worked with southern Indiana volunteers during the floods of 2008 and the recent tornados in Henryville. She will provide pertinent information on how nonprofit organizations can prepare for disasters as well as recruit and effectively utilize volunteers during disaster recovery efforts. Angie will share best practices on how your nonprofit can effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters.

Legal Obligations of a Nonprofit Board

Abigail Kuzma: Director & Chief Counsel, Office of the Indiana Attorney General

This presentation will examine the legal duties of Nonprofit Directors and Officers. During the session, presenters from the Office of the Indiana Attorney General will discuss what legal obligations board members have and the best way to fulfill those duties. Indiana law gives the Attorney General oversight authority of nonprofit corporations. The presenters will discuss what raises red flags for the Office of the Attorney General and the best way to respond to an inquiry from the Office, including preventive measures to take now. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the legal obligations of Nonprofit Directors and Officers and will learn how to effectively comply with Indiana law.

Marketecture: Building an Online Supporter Base

Vince Freeman: CEO, Sonar Studios, Inc.

So where does one begin to to effectively grow and harvest an online supporter base? Is social media the answer? Is it simply a matter of having a good mobile app? Some viral video? A killer website? The answer is yes and no. These are all effective tools, but they are tools that are all too often used independently— tactics devoid of a strategy. Join Vince Freeman, CEO of Sonar Studios, to learn about what he refers to as “marketecture." Using examples from the 2008 Obama campaign, Vince will examine the strategy of driving people into a database (website), tagging them, and optimizing their engagement within that community. Discover how the concept of "marketecture" can provide a DCCO (drive, capture, convert, optimize) approach to help you build and harvest your community of supporters, students, donors, or customers.

Session 3

It's Never Too Early to Start Giving

Jill Gordon (moderator): Program Director, Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII)

Andrew Lee: Executive Director, Art with a Heart

Annie Smith: Youth & Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, United Way of Central Indiana

Are you looking for ways to engage young volunteers and develop the next generation of donors for your organization? It’s never too early to engage youth in philanthropy! This session will explore how youth philanthropy and active engagement can help youth develop habits of giving and serving, grow to be dynamic young leaders and become fully engaged as citizens within their communities.

Practically Social

Tim Miles: Founder & Head Custodian, The Imagination Advisory Group

Blogs and tweets do not require salve – they require a little working knowledge and (very) little money. This multi-media presentation will give you a fun introduction and practical applications of new media such as blogs, websites, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and more. It’s here, it’s unavoidable, and it can help any nonprofit willing to invest more time than money.

Transforming Leaders into Volunteer Champions

Kaira Esgate: Executive Director, Reimagining Service

Engaging and valuing the contributions of volunteers goes beyond effective volunteer management practices alone. Buy-in from senior leadership is critical in securing necessary resources and engaging volunteers in meaningful ways. Using recent research, workshop attendees will learn how to make a compelling case about the importance of volunteer engagement to senior leadership.

Why Can't You See My Point

Stephen McDaniel: Director of Analytic Product Management at Tableau Software and Co-Founder, Freakalytics

Eileen McDaniel: Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Freakalytics

Are you clearly communicating the message that you want to deliver from your data? If you’re tired of your tables and charts being “good enough”, learn some tips and tricks to help make them great! We’ll demonstrate how to choose the right data and chart type to answer the question at hand and how to simplify your visuals for maximum impact.


Marie Beason

Marie Beason currently serves as Director of Professional Education and Special Initiatives for the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, an association of family, community, corporate and private foundations. In that role, Marie plans and executes professional education programs for Indiana grantmakers and is leading three new initiatives on behalf of IGA members. Prior to joining the IGA, Marie served as executive director of the Old Centrum Foundation and of the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center. She has also worked as a non-profit consultant and held positions at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and Indiana Bankers Association.


Cindy Dashnaw

As a published writer with more than 20 years of PR experience, Cindy Dashnaw does much of the writing for Bohlsen Group. She also acts as account lead for the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, and supports writing, media relations and fundraising for many other company clients. Prior to joining Bohlsen Group, Cindy freelanced for companies such as Avanade, Brainstorm, Harrison College, The Children’s Museum, Clarian Health Partners, the Center for Leadership Development, United Way of Central Indiana and others. Before that, she was senior communications manager for the Riley Children’s Foundation and headed up the PR department for the Eiteljorg Museum. Cindy earned a bachelor of arts in journalism from IUPUI and has won awards for writing and public relations projects.

Rosemary Dorsa

Rosemary has spent her career in the philanthropic sector. She is currently the Director of the Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) Technical Assistance program at Indiana Grantmakers Alliance. GIFT provides board and staff training, consulting, and networking opportunities for over 90 community foundations in Indiana. Prior to joining GIFT, Rosemary was with Central Indiana Community Foundation from 1993 to 2010, serving in various roles including Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Partnerships and Community Initiatives. She has also worked at the United Way of Central Indiana and Community Centers of Indianapolis. Rosemary has served on numerous not-for-profit boards including Indiana Humanities, Indianapolis Parks Foundation, TechPoint Foundation and the Lacy Leadership Association.

Jan Dougan

Jan Dougan is an extension educator at Purdue Extension in Dubois County. She has over 15 years of Extension experience working in community partnerships and collaborations to implement Health and Human Sciences programs.

Kaira Esgate

Kaira Esgate serves as the Executive Director of Reimagining Service, a national multi-sector coalition dedicated to converting good intentions into greater impact through increased volunteer engagement capacity nationwide. As Executive Director, Kaira works with the Reimagining Service Council and other stakeholders to increase effective practice, gather new insights via research, and encourage funding investment to effectively leverage volunteer talent to address true community needs. Prior to her current position, Kaira served was a staff member for more than a decade at CaliforniaVolunteers – the state service commission. During her tenure with CaliforniaVolunteers, Kaira served in a variety of roles, including overseeing the agency’s program development and grantmaking activities, leading statewide planning efforts, developing/launching the award winning website, and most recently as Chief of Staff. Kaira is an honors graduate of the University of Oregon and serves as a board member of the Association of State Service Commissions (ASC).


Christy Gillespie

Since December 2007, Christie L. Gillespie has served as the Director of Agency Services for the United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) and brings over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Her responsibilities include directing the implementation of one of the two organizational priorities: supporting vital human services. In this role, she and her team are charged with managing the allocation process for certified agencies, agency evaluation and monitoring as well as several other funds that agencies can access for various purposes. In addition, she and her team administer and manage a portfolio of community wide human services funding pools. During the 2010-2011 program year, she and her team administered and managed nearly $35 million of philanthropic and public dollars that were distributed in the community. She also represents UWCI in a variety of community-wide forums with funders and other stakeholders.

Jill Gordon

Jill is the primary contact for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII). YPII is a signature program of the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance. The major focus of this unique statewide collaborative involving over 35 community organizations is to engage youth in philanthropy (giving and serving in their local communities). As Program Director, Jill oversees YPII's role in providing trainings, resources, technical assistance and best practices to nonprofits and foundations to promote and support youth philanthropy efforts.

Andrew Hayenga

Andrew Hayenga says a light bulb went off for him during a newsroom assignment meeting one evening, and he decided to take his storytelling skills off the air and into the world of nonprofit PR, hoping to help organizations affect real change in their communities. Andrew is the proud owner of an advanced degree in communications management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, earned after 10 years of covering international news stories like Hurricane Katrina and the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway. More recently, Andrew parlayed his professional and classroom experiences into positions managing communications for nonprofits with national reach. Today, Andrew applies his skills and passion to a variety of nonprofit clients as account executive at Bohlsen Group, strategically managing their brands and guiding their communications to build awareness and increase fundraising.

Pam Blevins Hinkle

Pamela Blevins Hinkle is the director of the Spirit & Place Festival, a large civic festival in Indianapolis that brings together the arts, religion, and humanities to explore community issues through creative programming. The festival is a collaborative community project, managed by The Polis Center, an independent unit of the IU School of Liberal Arts-IUPUI. A graduate of Butler University, Pam has worked for and consulted with numerous nonprofit organizations in health/human service, higher education, religion, arts/culture, and social service. She has 30 years experience in strategic planning, program design, fundraising, and administration. Recently, she has served as a member of the Board of Visitors for Butler University's Jordan College of Fine Arts and the 2012 Super Bowl Committee. Pam is also an instrumentalist, choral conductor, songwriter, and workshop leader and currently teaches music improvisation at the Indiana Women’s Prison.

Angie Huebel

Angie Huebel has served the community for six years as Director of United Way of Bartholomew County’s Volunteer Action Center. In that role she works with not-for-profits in Bartholomew County to identify volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers. Angie co-directs the AmeriCorps program, which is a federally funded program in volunteer management for not-for-profit agencies. Between 2008 and 2010, Angie more than doubled volunteer recruiting in our community. She managed over 6000 spontaneous volunteers during the 2008 flood recovery in Bartholomer Couty. Angie has presented several workshops teaching up to date trends on volunteer management. Angie also presented How to Manage Volunteers after a Disaster at the National Conference on Volunteerism and Service in San Francisco 2009. Angie was also invited to help Metro United Way set up the volunteer reception center after the March 2, 2012 tornado.

Abigail Kuzma

Abigail Lawlis Kuzma received a BA from the University of Wisconsin and J.D. from Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington. Ms. Kuzma is currently the Director and Chief Counsel of Consumer Protection of the Indiana Attorney General’s office, managing a staff of 100, including 36 attorneys. She was Articles Editor of the Indiana Law Journal from 1980-1981. She was co-founder of the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic and has served as Executive Director from January 1994 to April 2009. Before serving with the NCLC, Ms. Kuzma was a subcommittee Chief Counsel of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, and prior to that, Legislative Assistant for Senator Richard G. Lugar. She has published three articles: Faith Based Providers Partnering With Government: Opportunity or Temptation, 42 JOURNAL OF CHURCH AND STATE 37 (2000), The Legislative Response to Infant Doe. 59 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 377 (1983), and Note: Hospice: The Legal Ramifications of a Place to Die, 56 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 673 (1980). In September 2003, Ms. Kuzma discussed Funding Faith at the Butler University Seminar on Religion and World Civilization, and in July 2001, Ms. Kuzma was a guest of the Massachusetts School of Law television program, “A Question of Law,” along with Ira Lupu Lyle Denniston and Connie Rudnick and discussed the topic Separation of Church and State. She has also presented in a number of Continuing Legal Education seminars, including Immigrants in Crisis: Human Trafficking, VAWA and U Visa and Religion and the Constitution. Ms. Kuzma was awarded the Indiana Bar Foundation Pro Bono Publico Award in 1998, the 2002 Indiana State Bar Association Women in the Law Achievement Award, the Christian Legal Society’s Christian Legal Aid Staff Member award in 2004, the Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award in 2005, the Indiana University School of Law Distinguished Service Award in 2006, and the Indianapolis Bar Association Antoinette Dakin Leach Award in 2008. Ms. Kuzma is a member of Indiana State Bar Association Pro Bono Committee. Ms. Kuzma is the mother of four children and resides with her husband, Ben, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Andrew Lee

Art With A Heart is a non profit organization that provides hands on visual art experiences to educate and inspire at risk youth. Andrew took over the leadership of AWAH 3 years ago from the founder and has steered the organization through the recession through a substantial growth in programs and events. Not your typical arts administrator, Andrew's background is in engineering and project management. AWAH provides summer, afterschool, in-school and weekend art programs for students facing social obstacles such as poverty, addiction and crime.

Eileen McDaniel

Eileen McDaniel, PhD, is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Freakalytics, LLC, specializing in empowering people to get the most out of their data and take decisive action to solve problems in their daily work. She is first author on the recently released The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss and co-author of Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software and the Rapid Dashboards Reference Card, also available as a mobile app, and leads the development of educational materials.

Stephen McDaniel

Stephen McDaniel has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, consultant, leader, innovator and author in the fields of visual analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and data mining. He is lead author of SAS for Dummies, Rapid Graphs with Tableau Software, and co-author of The Accidental Analyst, and has been on the faculty of the American Marketing Association and The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). Stephen is co-founder of Freakalytics, LLC, and Director of Analytic Product Management at Tableau Software.

Tim Miles

Tim Miles has used common sense, kindness, and an unquenchable curiosity as tools to help a few hundred businesses to be more successful more quickly. He's founder and head custodian of an odd little communications company, The Imagination Advisory Group which helps owner-operated companies do more with more.

Lanet Owen, RN, BSN

Lanet Owen, BSN, RN has worked for Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center in Jasper, Indiana for 26 years. Experience in surgical and post recovery nursing, she was encouraged to attend a certificate course in Basic Parish Nursing in 2002. Parish/Faith Community Nurses are licensed, registered nurses who practice wholistic health for self, individuals and the community using nursing knowledge combined with spiritual care. They function in paid and unpaid positions as members of the pastoral team in a variety of religious faiths, cultures, and countries. The focus of their work is on the intentional care of the spirit, assisting the members of the faith community to maintain and/or regain wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. In 2004, Lanet received initial funding from the Welborn Baptist Foundation to become the Faith Community Nurse Coordinator for Memorial Hospital’s Faith Community Nurse and Health Ministry network.

John Peirce

John Peirce is a consultant to the Talent Initiative of Northeast Indiana for regional implementation of the Strive cradle to career civic infrastructure and consultant to the United Way of Allen County for early childhood learning initiatives. He is vice president of the Board of Trustees for Fort Wayne Community Schools. John was one of 18 leaders from around the world to be accepted as a 2011 fellow in the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. The initiative prepares experienced leaders to take on new challenges in the social sector where they potentially can make an even greater societal impact than they did in their careers. During his 20 years as co-owner of Indiana Stamp Co., Inc., the company received the Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics twice and was named Small Business of the Year by the Greater Fort Wayne Area Chamber of Commerce.

Carol Price

Carol Price is the Director of Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition and the Lead Coach,Coordinator for the ACHIEVE Community Grant from the National Association of Chronic Diseases, and the County Coordinator for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation. Carol was recently named "Citizen of the Year 2011" for her work with public health initiatives and grant procurement.

Matthew Ritchey

Matthew Ritchey, a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, is currently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Epidemiology Advisor to the Indiana State Department of Health. Dr. Ritchey is part of the State-Based Epidemiology for Public Health Program Support (STEPPS) initiative overseen by the Division of Population Health, CDC. He assists with building epidemiologic capacity and integration within the health department, especially within the realms of chronic disease, injury prevention, and health promotion. Previous to his current position, Dr. Ritchey served as the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer assigned to the Indiana State Department of Health. In this role, he assisted the health department in its daily activities, in addition to leading outbreak investigations and other special projects. Prior to working with the CDC, Dr. Ritchey practiced physical therapy at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Sports Medicine Biodynamic Center where he provided patient care and conducted injury prevention and pediatric obesity research.

Annie Smith

Annie Smith has over 25 years of valuable experience in the nonprofit sector working with youth serving and community organizations, faith-based groups and the juvenile justice system. Through Youth Leadership Initiative, high school students from central Indiana are prepared and placed in decision-making roles on nonprofit boards/committees. Students receive education and experience through a series of training sessions including philanthropy & giving, board responsibilities, personal mission match, presentation skills, and leadership development. Annie’s work has inspired countless young people to use their skills and passions to improve communities through Youth as Resources, a youth development and funding program. Young people are given the opportunity to identify community needs and then develop and implement youth-directed volunteer service projects. Annie enjoys music, art and theater and attended Butler University where she studied voice and piano. She and her husband, Beresford, reside in Indianapolis and are members of Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

Susan Tharp

Susan Tharp is the County Extension Director in Clinton County, and is a Consumer and Family Sciences Educator with a specialty in Human Development. Susan received her bachelor’s degree from Butler University in Home Economics and her master’s degree from Ball State in Adult Education. Susan received the One Brick Higher Award which recognizes extraordinary contributions by faculty and staff for the betterment of Purdue. Susan is co-chair of Healthy Communities of Clinton County. This group is a collaboration among businesses, schools, health centers and social service organizations that come together to address issues affecting the heath and quality of life of Clinton County residents. The group works to identify key issues and prioritize action steps, while seeking resources both inside and outside the community to accomplish this work.

Donna Vandergraff

Ms. Vandergraff is a Foods and Nutrition Specialist with Purdue Extension and is a member of the Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue University. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Dietetics as well as her Masters Degree in Nutrition with Health Promotion Emphasis from Purdue. Her current work includes major statewide responsibilities with the Clinical Translational Science Institute/Community Health Engagement Program (CTSI/CHEP, Raising Healthy Eaters, Professor Popcorn as well as other programming for Purdue Extension related to Foods and Nutrition.


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