SAVI Conference

About The Governor's Conference
On Service and Nonprofit Capacity Building

More than just the most significant annual gathering for nonprofit and community service professionals in Indiana, the Governor’s Conference on Service and Nonprofit Capacity Building confers all year long at this website, on our blog and via our social media pages to help organizations best deploy their resources for maximum impact.

It’s all about Service. Sharing. Strategy.

We conference to share best practices, collected data and anecdotal evidence that can help renew an organization’s operations and the spirit of the mission that drives them.

We conference to foster real discussion about the most pressing needs our communities face so that, together, we can develop strategies to meet those challenges head on in the months and years to come.

Conference Goals

Our aim is to build the capacity of nonprofit, faith-based and community organizations to be more effective at planning, decision-making, program management, fundraising and governance. We want you to be able to successfully utilize a volunteer force and employ evidence-based data to support effective, strategic action.

Throughout the year, we generate meaningful dialogue, brainstorm ideas, network resources, form partnerships and celebrate accomplishments.

Who Benefits

By facilitating a yearlong conference, we help professionals every day expand their knowledge and skills while we push organizations to implement new ideas and programs. This why we believe that while our programs may target specific professionals and organizations, the Governor’s Conference as a whole benefits all of Indiana. We work with people on the front lines of service so they can best meet the needs of all Hoosiers.

Organizations which may consider conferencing with us:

  • Social service agencies
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Neighborhood and community-based organizations
  • Libraries
  • Students and professionals entering the nonprofit field
  • Government agencies that work with nonprofits
  • Nonprofit consultants

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